Production dramaturgy connects knowledge with creativity with the goal of making informed production choices. The dramaturg supplements the research already being done by the director and designers and provides a “critical eye” throughout the process. – David McTier

Gotthold Lessing and Hamburgische Dramaturgie

Gotthold Lessing

Gotthold Lessing

(1729-1781) German writer, playwright, and critic. Redefined Aristotle’s Poetics to defend Shakespeare against his French Neoclassical critics. Wrote numerous plays now associated with Romanticism and the Stürm und Drang movement. A collection of his writings and reviews were collected and published as a series as Die Hamburgische Dramaturgie (1767-1769).

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Dramaturgy is a comprehensive exploration of the context in which the play resides. The dramaturg is the resident expert on the physical, social, political, and economic milieus in which the action takes place, the psychological underpinnings of the characters, the various metaphorical expressions in the play of thematic concerns; as well as on the technical consideration of the play as a piece of writing: structure, rhythm, flow, even individual word choices.

Institutional dramaturgs may participate in many phases of play production including casting of the play, offering inhouse criticism of productions-in-progress, and informing the director, the cast and the audience about a play’s history and its current importance. In America, this type of dramaturgy is sometimes known as Production Dramaturgy. Institutional or Production dramaturgs may make files of materials about a play’s history or social context, prepare program notes, lead post-production discussions, or write study guides for schools and groups. These actions can assist a director in integrating textual and acting criticism, performance theory, and historical research into a production before it opens. [source]

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