POV: The Narrative Voice

The Narrator

From The Elements of Playwriting: “Never consider writing ‘narrator’ in a script. Too often the narrator is simply an all-too-easy way for the playwright to communicate information to the audience, resulting in a play that tells rather than shows.”
Question: Do you agree?

Consider Aristotle’s Poetics, which differentiates epic from dramatic poetry.

“The 7 Narrator Types”: Article

Example: Chad Deity

Kristoffer Diaz’s The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
Question: Is this play helped or hindered by having a narrator?

Excerpts from the play: Chad Deity Opening and Chad Deity Epilogue

Video Clips: Aurora Theatre’s Trailer and Curious Theatre and Interview with the Playwright

Other Examples

Into the Woods (Opening Scene)

The Glass Menagerie (Opening Scene)

Our Town (Opening Scene)

Urinetown (Opening Scene)

Interview with A Vampire (Opening Scene)