Designing Angels

Handout: Historical Context and Plot Summary

Angels in America Summary

Angels Scenes

Excerpts from the 1993 Broadway Original Production

Film Version Does NOT Equal Stage Version

Review the cast of characters and scene layout and read the opening scene.

Then watch opening of the HBO film version starting at 02:15.

Then compare that the recent London/Broadway production starring Andrew Garfield.

Act III Opening (Ghosts)

Act III Split Scene (Park and Hospital)

Act III Closing (Angel’s Arrival)

How does your production design concept “solve” the following?

  • numerous locations: real and imaginary
  • double casting: costuming and makeup
  • split scenes: real and imaginary (dreams, hallucinations)
  • ghosts: historical and imaginary
  • Kaposi Sarcoma and wasting: Prior and Roy
  • a burning book that rises from the floor
  • an angel crashing through the roof
  • (nudity and smoking onstage)


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